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The Story of Adama Robotics

Adama Robotics Ltd. is an EdTech Company which is a spin-out Company from QMUL (Queen Mary, University of London) Enterprise who produced STEAM Educational Robots, Software, Online Courses, EBOOKS, Workshops, Summer Camps and more to create a STEAM environment in the world.

Dauda Barry and Mahadi Hasan are two Co-Founders of the Company and started their journey in 2016 to empower the next generation with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) skillsets.

Dauda Barry was the Founder and President of QM AI & Robotics Society and Mahadi Hasan later joined the society as a Treasurer and gradually getting promoted to President.

They have initiated many workshops and events for more than 3 years.

Adama Robotics has designed and built an Educational Robot – Bell which can be programmed and used to learn Programming and fundamentals of STEAM.

AdamaScript, Visual Programming Software which is a block based programming language that can be used to learn Programming and STEAM easily with our Curriculums.

Adama Robotics has created 4 Online Courses where they have more than 15,000+ Enrolments.

Adama Robotics has visited Shanghai, China to WERS (World Educational Robotics Society) to partner with them. We are in talks with them to organize WER Events in our Respective Countries.


QM AI and Robotics Society



World Education Robotics Competition

Partnership agreement with WERS in Shanghai


Adama Code Club

Adama Superstars loved learning with Bell Robotics kit.

We are working to create 6 more courses and are targeting to impact at least 30,000 Students this year.

Adama Robotics has Partners in United Kingdom, United States of America, India, China, Bangladesh and more countries who are working on the same mission to empower the next generation with Technical skillsets.

Some of our Partners for Online Courses are: 

Udemy.comEduOnix, Simpliv and more.

Some of our Education Partners: 

UK Robotix Academy, QM Robotics Society, QMUL Enterprise and more.

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21st Century Skills

Preparing Kids for a better future.


Basics of Programming

The Curriculum has been designed specifically keeping kids in mind.


Adama Workshops

Adama Workshops helping young kids learn programming and robotics.