Benefits Of Robotics In Education

Check out the original article here. Transform and Benefit Kids Skills with Robotics Education In today’s fast-moving world with continuous improvements in technologies and new innovations, it became critical and important for the schools and for parents to provide STEM education to kids. Not because they want them to compete with other kids but to…
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7 Reasons Why Robotics Should be Taught in Schools

by Beverly Lerch. Check out the original article here. Technology is changing the way people do things in every part of the world, and the sector continues to expand. What are schools doing to prepare the next generation for the future? The truth is that educational institutions are already doing a great deal of work in…
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How Robotics Improves Education at School

By Innovative technologies. Check the original article here. Educational Robotics allows students to learn in different ways STEM disciplines, with the objective to facilitate students’ skills and attitudes for analysis and operation of robots. But robotics in the classroom has several other benefits: let’s learn more about how it impacts on education. Programming becomes easy and…
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Facts About Robots That Everyone Should Know

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How did the Internet change the way we learn?

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What Does Bell Educational Robot Kit Do?

What Does Bell Educational Robot Kit Do? What does the future look like? Learning technology is now essential for us to do well in the current world. Traditional Education is no longer enough! #steameducation #technologyeducation #educationaltechnology #educationforall #educationforall #stemeducation #futureskills #learningtechnology #coding #kids #industry4 #educational #engineering #robotics #robot #programming  You can find out more here: You can order Bell Robot here:

5 amazing robots that really exists

5 Amazing Robots That Really Exist

Great news for everyone! Adama Robotics is going to create a few series about the Robotics and Technology Sector. You will learn about the industry, innovation, and research going on in the field from our series. Check out our first video on 5 Amazing Robots That Really Exist! Subscribe to our Channels for new Robotics…
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Bell Activities

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AdaPlay and Coding Survey


Top 5 Coding Robots

Top Five Coding Languages To Learn For Kids in 2019

We need to teach our Kids to code to succeed in the current world. With the rise of the STEM education movements around the world, it is high time we start now. But where do you start? Here, we will introduce you to Top Five Coding Languages to learn for Kids in 2019. 1. Scratch…
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