10 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn to Code Now!

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When it comes to preparing your children for the future in the current times, What better way could there be other than Coding! Programming or Coding helps our children develop foundational and academic skills, build important qualities like persistence and problem-solving, and gain valuable 21st-century skills that can help them in their future career. From the Adama Robotics blog, here are the top 10 reasons why your kids should learn to code now:

Coding Improves Academic Performance

  1. Mathematics: Coding helps kids visualize and understand important Abstract concepts, lets them apply math to practical world situations, and makes math enjoyable!
  2. Writing: Coder Kids understand the value of concision and planning, which results in better writing skills. Many kids use AdamaScript or Scratch as a medium for storytelling!
  3. Creativity: Our Children learn by doing new things and with Coding they could create anything they want which enhances their Creativity.
  4. Confidence: Parents enthusiastically report that they’ve noticed their kids’ confidence building as they learn to problem-solve through coding!

Coding Builds Soft Skills

5. Focus and Organization: When gradually our children move to writing complicated codes, they learn to focus and organize.

6. Resilience: While our Childrens' go to code, they come across lots of problems and situations when their code doesn't work. They learn to build perseverance and resilience by working through it.

7. Communication: Coding teaches Logical communication, improving both verbal and written skills. Learning to code is like learning a new language!

Coding Paves a Path to the Future

8. Empowerment: Kids are empowered to make a difference when they code – we’ve seen our Adama Superstars spread messages of tolerance and kindness! They learn to work together and help each other.

9. Life Skills: Coding is an important basic literacy in the current digital age, and it’s important for kids to understand – and be able to innovate with – the technology around them.

10. Career Prospect: There’s a huge demand for workers in the tech industry; Coding gives unlimited possibilities for our childrens' future!

Just imagine! What if our children create the next big Application or Platform to solve a problem to help everybody!