Alexander Graham Bell

Who was Alexander Graham Bell? The person after whom the Bell Robot Kit is named.

Bell Robot Kit named after the inventor Alexander Graham Bell

Today we are going to learn about the famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander Graham Bell was also known as Alec by his friends and family, he is one of the most famous inventors of all times alongside Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, the Wright Brothers, just to name a few. Alexander Graham Bell was an inventor and he is best known for his invention of the telephone. Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

When he was a child, he was a smart and curious kid with a big interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) especially in the science of sounds. He loved music and taught himself how to play the piano.

His dad was a university professor that taught elocution - this is how to speak clearly and correctly.

When he was a teenager his mother began having hearing problems and that encouraged him to learn even more about the sciences of sound.

At the age of 12, Bell created his first invention. His best friend's family owned a flour mill and it required a lot of work to remove the husks from the wheat. Therefore a simpler method had to be found. Bell had the great idea to invent a dehusking machine that used brushes and paddles. This fantastic invention made everyone's life much much easier.

As a thank you to Bell, his friend's father gave him a small workshop so that he could play with his inventions and try cool new stuff. Wow lucky boy!

 Alexander Bell attended high school in Edinburgh but he didn't do well, so he was homeschooled - he received classes at home. When he finished school he went to live with his grandfather in London. While in London his his grandfather encouraged and helped him to enjoy learning new stuff.

Soon after Bell began helping deaf people learning to speak and teaching elocution just like his father did.

By 1870 both of Bell's brothers had died from a disease called tuberculosis, Bell was also sick and his parents were worried that he would also die so they moved to Canada because they thought the air was healthier there than in London.

Bell did eventually recover from his illness and in 1871 he moved to Boston in the United States of America.

He began teaching less and spending more of his time inventing. He started working on a telephone like machine called the telegraph that could send more than one message at once by using different sound frequencies.

While he was working on the telegraph he started to believe that he could send the human voice over wires.

Unfortunately Bell didn't have much success with his invention until 1874 when he met Thomas Watson an electrical designer and mechanic who helped him with his inventions.

On March 10, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell finally managed to get his telephone to work. He said, "Mr. Watson, come here I want to see you." Watson who was in another room, heard Bell's voice and came to see him. After a long time the telephone had worked!

Less than six months later telephone demonstrations were being given while curious people stood by, amazed to hear voices from people a few miles away come out of Bell's invention.

Alexander Graham Bell

Not long after, thousands and thousands of people owned telephones and nowadays millions of people own them.

After his big invention and success, Alexander Graham Bell got married and had a family.

Although he is best known for the invention of the telephone, he invented many other fantastic things during his life, including a wireless telephone that transmitted a signal with light, a metal detector, a device to detect icebergs, a device to detect hearing problems, and many more other awesome inventions.

In 1915 Bell made the first transcontinental phone call. While he was in New York, he talked with his old friend, the one and only Thomas Watson and they heard each other very well. This phone call was even better than the one they did in the first phone call in 1876.

 Alexander Graham Bell died at his home in Nova Scotia, Canada on the second of August of 1922 at the old age of 75.

When he died every phone in North America was turned off and silenced to pay him respect.

At Adama Robotics, we hope that you enjoyed learning about Alexander Graham Bell today and now you know why Bell is called Bell.

Bell Robot Kit named after Alexander Graham Bell


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