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Robots are cool. Everyone can agree on that, right? Maybe I just think so, because I’m a nerd, but I definitely think robots are awesome and several of the little kids I know agree with me. Unfortunately, while I learned a lot of programming and machining in school, I never took any classes on robotics. That’s okay, because now my kids and I get to learn how to build robots together. I may not be able to make Baymax from the movie, Big Hero 6, but I’m confident we can still do some pretty fun stuff.

Robotics Projects for Kids

Presently, the projects on this site are for absolute beginners. Since my oldest child is currently in first grade, no experience is necessary to make the “robots” listed below. To be honest, they are not even REAL robots, since they don’t have computer chips, sensors, or decision making capabilities. However, as my kids get older and our robotics projects get more complicated, I’m sure we’ll get there sooner or later. Sign up for my newsletter if you would like to stay up-to-date.

Here are the robotics activities on this site in reverse chronological order. Be sure to check out the electrical engineering activities on this site as well, which are pretty similar.

Homemade Spinning Brushbot
Simple Homemade Robot Car
Homemade Propeller Car
Homemade Wobblebot
Homemade Wigglebot

If your child has a serious interest in the field of robotics, you might also be interested in some of the recommended products below. Click each picture for my full, detailed review:

Robot Turtles by Think Fun

Robot Turtles by Think Fun (~$20)

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