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Bell is an Educational Programmable Robot which comes with AdamaScript Software and a Mobile Application to program and control it.

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Our Bell Educational Robot Kit is designed for young learners to nurture their interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics).

How can Bell Robot help your kids? Here are ways Bell Robot can help your kids.

Giving exposure to Practical Science & Engineering

When your kids assemble the Bell Robot, they learn the principles used by engineers and technicians by tinkering with the Open Kit. We have designed the kit in such a way that children have to use the Screw Drivers to assemble the Bell with the tiny Screws. They have to connect simple Cables and all the circuitry is visible to them which gives them an exposure to the technology they are learning from.

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Demystifying Complex Technology

Working with Bell Robot gives them an understanding of the world of Technologies they live in. The cellphone or any other devices that we use in our everyday lives all has been designed following these basic principles. By learning it from an early age, all children will have access to the knowledge required to make it.

Use of Arts & Crafts

Children also learn the importance of imagination and use of Arts in designing their own Robots in their own time. Our Robots come with no Outer Covering. We leave that to the kids. After all, each kid has their own liking and preference.

Children also develop their own characters and stories with our Bell Robot and Curriculum. They learn how to think, imagine and design just by playing with our Robot.

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Learning Mathematics

Children are also exposed to the practical application of Mathematics by understanding and working with numbers. They learn how mathematics is the language of the world. Robots or for any other systems use mathematics for their working. One example could be, when Our Robots move, children have to program the motors to rotate at a certain speed and for certain times. This along with other principles gives them a thorough understanding of the concepts of Mathematics.

Improving Academic Performance

Children who play and learn with an Educational Toy are better at grasping the abstract concepts. This then improves their ability to understand and do astoundingly well in Academics. Just like Mathematics, they understand the Engineering Principles or Science Concepts with Bell.

Getting Computational Thinking

Bell Robot and AdamaScript Visual Programming Software give kids an understanding and skills of Computational Thinking. You might wonder What Computational Thinking is! Computational Thinking is the way computers think.

Computational thinking allows us to take a complex problem, understand what the problem is and develop possible solutions. We can then present these solutions in a way that a computer, a human, or both, can understand.

As the UK association for technology in education, NAACE, puts it in their guide to computing for primary school teachers:

‘“Computational thinking” is a skill children must be taught if they are to be ready for the workplace and able to participate effectively in this digital world.’

Google and many other companies are trying to help out with educating children with Computational Thinking. Check out their effort and learn more about here.

As you can understand, the current world demands a smarter civilization who can think and innovate the world and make it a better place then it is now. So it is more important than ever to give our children these skillsets and Bell Robot can help with just that.

“Everybody should learn to program, because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve Jobs, Apple Inc

Learning Programming

Children learn the art of programming in a practical way by controlling and programming their Bell Robot. Starting from programming a LED light to make different colors to making tunes on Buzzer. They learn how sensors work and how to program Bell to get values of sensors and make a decision based on that and complete certain tasks. It helps them think and write their own programs. Once they are comfortable and confident with the basics, children can then move on to Text-based programming. We recommend Python to be the first text-based program.

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Foundations of Robotics

Bell Educational Robot gives the foundations of Robotics, on how Robots work, how they can program them, how they can design and build their own Robots, how can they work with Sensors and actuators to develop new Robotic and IoT systems. Children find our method fun and love to play with our Robot. And in a few years, When Industrialization 4.0 will start to have its impact, your Children will be well prepared for it.

Problem Solving

Children learn to solve problems with Bell Robot by going through our Curriculums and lesson plans. We inspire them to solve problems on their own. Bell is just a perfect platform for them to nurture their problem-solving skills.


Bell Robot makes your child more creative and raises their curiosity which makes them interested in the STEAM fields. Research has shown children or people are more creative when they do what they love and Children are always fond of playing games and discovering new things.

Creativity increases when there is curiosity!

Bell Robot makes our learners an experimenter and a maker!

Collaboration and Teamwork

Children learn to collaborate with other children and work towards a common goal in our Bell Robotics Competitions. They make friendships and learn better by collaborating and cooperating. Our Children has a short interest span which is why they don’t like traditional classroom method learning through whiteboards.

We are inspired by the Finnish Schooling System, which has the best education standard in the world. They prioritize the playing of young learners, which helps the learners grasp the foundation and abstract concepts better.


It is often told that Storytelling is a gift, however, that is not true. Storytelling is a skill and it can be made into art if you’re good at it. Bell inspires children to form their story by becoming a character of their imagination. With our fun Bell Story Challenges, kids create their own stories on how they can use Robots, distant cousins of Bell to solve different problems.


When children try to program Bell to do a certain task on their own, they learn by persistence. Sometimes the programs don’t work as intended and that is what happens in the real world. Children learn the skill of Persistence as they go through their learning journey of STEAM.


When Children learn to program, they learn how to have a good amount of focus on accomplishing their goals rather than getting overwhelmed, This kind of skills they can later utilize in their career and life.


Bell Robot makes our kids more confident than ever. When children learn and know how the technology works, they become more confident to tackle any challenges they face in life.

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Bell brings out the Scientists and Engineers that we all have inside us! Why not give it a try?

Bell can develop your child in many more ways. If you would like to learn more about Bell and our Curriculums, please visit our site at: