Musician Monkey


In this project, you’ll learn how to code your monkey to play with music.


Step 1: Getting to know the AdamaScript IDE

Before you can start coding, you’ll need to understand the IDE.

Activity Checklist

First, open up the AdamaScript IDE.


At the startup, by default we will have our monkey sprite on the left screen.

Before we move further, let’s get to know the IDE first.

The left side is your Play screen (1). Here you will see your code bringing objects to reality. 

In the middle (2), you will find the toolbox window where we will have our Blocks to code.

In the right (3), we will have our Programming window where we will bring blocks from the middle and arrange according to what we want the objects to do.  

In the bottom left corner (4) we have the sprites and backdrops window. Here we can choose a sprite to program or bring in other sprites to our projects.

Now save your project. Give your program a name on the top left corner.

You can click ‘File’ and then save now to save your project.  Please choose a location to save your project and give a name. For our case we are giving the name, ‘musicmonkey’.

Step 2: Sprites

Before you can start coding, you’ll need to add in a ‘thing’ to code. In AdamaScript, these ‘things’ are called sprites.

Activity Checklist

At the moment, the stage has only one Sprite which is the monkey sprite. Let’s add in the Mic and an instrument, drum.

 We will choose the sprite library from here and search for mic and drum.

Choose Music and Dance category from the Sprite library and choose your Sprites one by one. Choose Drum1 and Microphone Stand.

Now our stage will look like this:


 Step 3: The Stage

The stage is the area on the left, and is where your project comes to life. Think of
it as a performance area, just like a real stage!

Activity Checklist

At the moment, the stage is white, and looks pretty boring! Let’s add a
backdrop to the stage, by clicking ‘Choose backdrop from library’.


Click ‘Indoors’ on the left, and then click on a stage backdrop and click
‘OK’. We will choose ‘spotlight-stage’.

 Your stage should now look like this:

We will make the monkey a bit smaller to fit on the spotlight stage using the shrink tool on top. Click that and bring it on top of the monkey. And your monkey will be smaller and place it on the center at spotlight stage.


Step 3: Making a Drum

Let’s code your drum to make a sound when it’s hit.

 Activity Checklist

You can find the code blocks in the ‘Scripts’ tab, and they are all color-coded!

Click on the drum sprite, then choose the Sound blocks from the toolbox.

Now drag the play drum block to our programming window and click it.  See what happens! It should make a sound of the drum.

Now we want to add in an event that when you press a key the drum makes the sound. Go to the Events Blocks. And choose the when space is pressed block and drag it on top of the play drum block.

It will look like this:

Now press the Space bar on your keyboard and you will see the drum making a sound. Now you can choose another key from the option there.

We will choose ‘d’ for drum to make this sound.

Press the key and see, it should work now. Now Save your project again.  

Challenge:  Improving the song!

Can you change the sound that the drum makes when it’s clicked?

Can you also get the drum to make a sound when the flag is clicked? You’ll need to use this event

You can copy your existing code by right-clicking on it and clicking ‘duplicate’. And them modify to test the new code.

Save your project

Step 4: Making a Singer 

Let’s make the monkey sing by adding a sound!

Activity Checklist

Before you can make your singer sing, you need to add a sound to your sprite. Make sure that you have selected your singer, the monkey sprite, then click the ‘Sounds’ tab on the middle, and click ‘Choose sound from library’:


If you click ‘Vocals’ on the left hand side, you will then be able to choose a suitable sound to add to your sprite.

Now go back to Scripts tab as the sound has been added, add this code to your singer:


Click on your singer, to make sure that the monkey sings when clicked.

Save your project.

Step 5: Costumes

You can also change how your singer sprite looks when it’s clicked, perhaps make it look like it is dancing, by choosing new costumes. Click the ‘Costumes’ tab, and you’ll see the sprite images.

The code block for changing the costume is in the Looks section. Click it and see what happens.

Now we will add in a forever block to keep on changing the costumes from the Control section. Your code will look like this:

Test your singer. When clicked, your singer should now look like she is singing and dancing.

Save your project. Congratulations your first project is done!!! 

You can download the PDF here