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Robotics for Beginners | How to Make a Robot for Kids?

This article was reposted from here written by Jithin. This post is for people especially beginners and kids who are getting started with robotics; nice and easy robotics for beginners post. In this robotics tutorial, we will guide you through the basic of ‘Robotics for Beginners’ and you will learn how to how to Make a…
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This article was reposted from here. Robots are cool. Everyone can agree on that, right? Maybe I just think so, because I’m a nerd, but I definitely think robots are awesome and several of the little kids I know agree with me. Unfortunately, while I learned a lot of programming and machining in school, I…
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11 Best DIY Kits for How to Make a Robot

It does not matter if you are a kid or an adult, there is always a robot kit for that can help get you started with building your own plastic pal. By  Kashyap Vyas The article was reposted from here. 1, 2, 3 Have you always had a thing for robots and wanted to get your hands on…
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Facts About Robots That Everyone Should Know

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Bell Activities

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AdaPlay and Coding Survey


Top 10 Educational Robot Kit for Kids in 2019

An Educational Programmable Robot Kit is a Kit which can be programmed to do multiple tasks. It is used to learn Programming and foundations of Robotic systems and while using them enrich our kids with important 21st Century Skillsets. Your children can be the one who learns the art of Programming and make the next…
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Why coding is an investment

Why Coding is an Investment in Your Kid’s Future

The Current world is in urgent need of people with Digital and Coding Skills. If we want to meet the demands of the ever-growing technology industry, we have to create more skilled workers. That’s why introducing your child to coding is an important investment in their future. Coding is one of the most important skills…
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Why Should Kids code

7 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to code

When it comes to preparing your children for the future, there are few better ways to do so than to help them with Coding Education. There are many benefits kids can gain if they learn coding skills. Coding can give important life skills that are required to do well in today’s world. Let’s find out about 7 reasons…
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