Why Coding is an Investment in Your Kid’s Future

Why coding is an investment

The Current world is in urgent need of people with Digital and Coding Skills. If we want to meet the demands of the ever-growing technology industry, we have to create more skilled workers.

That’s why introducing your child to coding is an important investment in their future. Coding is one of the most important skills of the 21st century. With today’s fast technological advancement, it has become a necessary skill as Writing and Maths.  It is an important skill for a wide range of professions. Here are top reasons on how coding will help them in their future.

1. The Growing Demand Of Coding skills.

The Technology Industry is constantly in need of workers. With the increase of access to the Internet around the world, countries are getting with innovation and development. Tech jobs are not only plentiful, but they’re also lucrative in creating a better future for the world.

1 million students data
Source: Code.org

Working in any fields and being able to code using any common computer programming language is a great step toward a secure and stable job.

2. Coding Skills Prepares Kids For Their Life.

Like a foreign language, coding skills are best learned early. Once kids are fluent in the type of thinking required to break down and solve a coding problem, the transition to any coding language is relatively straightforward.

Adama Robotics transitions kids from block-based coding (AdamaScript) to text-based coding. The coding skills that Adama Robotics teaches lay the foundation that students need to succeed in high school and beyond.

adamascript software
AdamaScript Block Based Programming

One of the biggest obstacles to succeeding in high school or college-level computer science classes is a lack of confidence in tackling the difficult, unfamiliar material. Earlier exposure is the best solution. Introduction of coding at an early age makes it easier to learn more technical aspects of computer science in high school and college. In fact, a study by Google and Gallup shows that early exposure is one of the most important ways we can shrink the gender gap in STEM, as it boosts confidence in kids, especially young girls, while they’re still interested in technology.

And Coding is even better for kids when they get a Physical touch, just like with an educational toy. That is why at Adama Robotics we came up with our Educational Robot Bell.

3. Coding is a lifelong skill.

Even if your child wants to do something outside of computer science when they grow up, their coding skills will prove useful across fields. Coding teaches problem solving, organization, math, storytelling, designing, and more! The beauty of coding is that it comes in handy for different aspects of life and allows kids to express themselves creatively.


As Steve Jobs said:

“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”

To get your child interested, show them what they can create with code. Coding allows kids to do anything from writing stories and building video games to making Minecraft mods and designing animations. And, of course, it’s fun! Adama Robotics provides the easiest and most enjoyable path to learning how to code – kids have so much fun that they hardly realize they’re learning at all.

Most importantly, the ability to code changes kids from consumers into innovators where they see every piece of technology as more than just a toy but as a problem to solve and an opportunity to create, thus creating a better world.

And At Adama Robotics we can help introduce your kids to coding with the fun and easy to use Bell Robotics Kit. Find out more here on how Bell can help your kids to be well prepared for the future in a fun way.

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Do you think there are more important reasons for Kids to learn coding? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts. We would love to hear you. 

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